Implementation of the National Do-Not-Call Registry

Under the Personal Data Protection Act, a nationwide Do Not Call (DNC) Registry has been set up. Under this new initiative, you may register yourself to be excluded from receiving marketing messages addressed to your Singapore telephone number. 
Marketing messages refer to voice calls, text messages, or faxes that is of a commercial nature sent to consumers. Messages for pure market survey/research, charitable/religious causes, customer service, public messages by government agencies, political messages, business-to-business (B2B) communications, as well as personal messages sent by individuals are not covered under the DNC provisions.
If you have a continuing relationship with an organisation (e.g. bank, insurer, gym, spa, country club, etc), these organisations may still send marketing messages on similar or related products, services and membership to your number via text or fax without checking the DNC Registry. However, each message much have an opt-out facility that allows you to unsubscribe from such messages in future.
For your existing relationship with any organisation, you will still be able to receive customer servicing messages and updates, so that you are kept informed of the latest developments and promotions. 
Organisations that makes telemarketing calls or sends marketing text messages/faxes will have to register an account with the Registry and filter their marketing list to remove the registered numbers (aka "scrubbing") before they can contact the remaining numbers.
Any organisation that breaches the DNC provisions will be fined of an amount not exceeding $10,000 on conviction of each offence.
To register for the National DNC Registry, you may go to From there you may choose to be excluded for voice calls, SMSes, and/or faxes.
For the full terms and conditions of the PDPA and DNC, you may visit


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