Sitting down with Junhao to discuss about my insurance needs and financial planning was an awesome journey to learning so much more about my investment portfolio.

I’m very impressed with his professionalism in educating and serving his client’s needs in his expert field. He is patient, and make sure that I really understand the benefits of the investment before I buy.
I’m definitely one of his happy and satisfied clients and will recommend his service to my friends. Junhao truly live to his name, CJH. Comprehensive, Justified and Honest service!

Thank you, Junhao

- Ms Jacklyn Ker

Just like what Junhao's initial suggested CJH, Comprehensive, Justified and Honest, that is what you can expect from him. He have his clients/prospects interest in mind, to an extent that he will ask you to buy something less expensive but more suitable for them.

If you are looking for someone committed and have you interest in mind in financial planning, Junhao is who you are looking for.

- Mr Oliver Tan

I had arranged for my son to meet up with Junhao. He and I were very impressed with his service. Not only did Junhao explained clearly and made my son understand about his insurance needs, he shared his own personal experience in handling his finances.

My son is very comfortable with him and what impresses me most is that he is not pushy, but is very patient with my son. He make sure my son understood what he was buying.
I am very happy with his service.

- Ms Alice Puay

I have met many financial professionals before, and after investing with them, I did not receive any follow-up service from them.

What Junhao did differently was that he explained thoroughly the details of the plans and provided valuable advice on the other aspects of my finances that I should take note of. He personally delivered the documents to me and re-explained the details so that I remember what I have purchased.

- Miss Fu

I know many other financial planners, but only Junhao has given me the highest level of service.
I recall one occasion when Prudential sent me a letter about my policy, which I did not comprehend. Junhao explained to me clearly what was written in that letter which subsequently impacted one of my investment decisions.

- Mr Peter Goh

I am so comfortable with Junhao. He first tries to understand more about my life and my family before touching on my insurance needs. This makes me feel that he cares about my family welfare and is not just selling his products. And he is not pushy in his approach at all.

He is very attentive and sincerely listens to me and my financial needs

- Mdm Azmah

Junhao is able to understand my needs well and recommended sound solutions which helps in achieving my goals of building a retirement income stream. He is friendly in nature and I feel comfortable working with him.

- Mdm Shanta

He is effective in managing my financial plans. Very excellent in attitude towards customers.

- Mr Phay Qiu Ming

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