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Fitness Training Principles in Financial Planning

I was at the gym last week, going about my normal workout routine when I noticed a lanky guy, skinnier than me, undergoing personal training with the in-house fitness trainer. Looking at the types of exercises that the trainer made the trainee went through, I realized that the trainer was focusing on the core body muscles. The trainee was made to do exercises such as squats, rows, lunges and combination exercises that hits the several major muscle groups at the same time such as the back, the abs, and the quadriceps. This set me thinking... Many D.I.Y. gym-goer only focus on building the 'showy ' muscle groups, such as the arms and the chest. These are the muscles that are most visible, especially for guys who wear tight-fitting tees (yucks!). They are also the stuff that get girls ogling and drooling (Captain America anyone?). And therefore many gym-goers focus only on building their arms and chest, and not the ones that get covered up.