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Just Started Working? Consider Term Insurance!

(If you have just started working, or going to graduate soon, you've gotta read this!)   Ever remembered the days when you just started working, and someone told you that you have to get some insurance cover? And remember that after paying off your study loan, this loan, that loan, buying work clothes, paying for your handphone bills, giving an allowance to your family, buying that nice bag, and other doodads, there's almost nothing left from that miserable little pay cheque?    No money left for insurance?    That doesn't take away the importance of insurance, and the possibility of one suffering a misfortunate such as premature death, disability, or major illness.   Well, here's a solution. Look at term insurance. They're cheap, they're simple to understand, and they suitable for most young people who just started on their career. There are 5 good reasons why someone who is in the early stages of his/her career needs to seriously consider starting an

Uncle Sam's Calling!

Dear all, It's that time of the year again! Yes, time to file your taxes! (My colleague just commented that it didn't feel that long since the last time she paid taxes). Here are some infomation from IRAS which may be of good use. It may look a bit technical and complicated, but in order not to distort any wordings or meanings, the information has been pasted wholesale from the IRAS website . Tax Rates for Resident Individuals For more guidance on how to file your taxes, you may wish to visit: IRAS: How to calculate my tax  . Do note that the tax treatment differs for Employees and Self Employeds. For example, income derived by a self-employed is assessable as trade income and he can claim trade losses against his trade income. An employee cannot claim losses and capital allowances against his employment income. To check what is taxable and what is not, click here . There are also a number of reliefs that you can file to save on your taxes. They can be found h