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Is Your Critical Illness Insurance Enough? Here's 4 Steps to Find Out.

Critical Illness (CI) insurance - most of us have it. And many think that they have sufficient coverage. Besides, who in the right mind would want to sit down with a financial planner and talk about diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure befalling upon us and our family?  Why people don’t buy enough CI insurance  When I meet clients in their twenties, a common response is that they are fit and healthy and nothing will happen to them.  When it comes to clients in their thirties, they would justify that they have housing and family commitments and they would prefer to focus on those at the moment. And since they are still relatively young, CI insurance is not an important priority yet.  When clients in their forties come and see me, they come with sincerity and recognise that illness is fast becoming more of a possibility — they see their friends getting this-and-that. That worries them. However their age is higher now, and so are their insuranc