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Saving for Rainy Days

I fondly remembered my primary school days when my mother would give me a dollar a day for pocket money. It seems like very little now, but those days it was enough to get through lunch and still have money left for some tidbits after class. And then there was this $2 note which was perpetually hidden in a little-used compartment of my nylon-and-Velcro wallet. This was my 'spare money'. Money to be used when my pocket money runs out, and I need buy something urgently. I couldn't just spend the money as I wish though. To top up the spare money, I would need to account to my mother what I spent on and whether it was necessary. She is probably the most frugal person in the world and getting past that inquiry wasn't exactly easy. The money was hardly used though, simply because it was so hidden that I often forgot it was there. But it was always there, always ready to save me in times of emergency. I am grateful that since young I have been inculcated this habit o

CJH Article Featured in COVERAGE Magazine

It's been a while since my last post as I've been busy with business, taking a series of Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) exams, as well as the additional regulatory requirement of the CMFAS M9A and M8A exams. However I am happy to inform that an article I written was featured in this month's Coverage , a financial industry magazine published by the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS). Here is a scan of the magazine cover: You may access the following article from this link for your reading pleasure: I would like to pay special thanks to following individuals: - My lawyer Mr Chung Ting Fai for helping me to vet through the copy, - Mr Richard Yeo from Probate Enterprise for your Will Planner training which equipped me with the necessary knowledge in this field, - Mr Benny Lim for your training on Estate Planning during the AEPP programme. Cheers! Johnny