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What is happening to the World???

If you have been following the business news for the past few weeks, you would have realized that it has been one of the most craziest moments in 2010, with financial news bombarded with tons of headlines and stock markets moving like a roller coaster. If you have not been actively observing the recent activities, here's a summarized list of significant headlines: Greece faces huge debt problems. Goldman Sachs was charged of fraud, sends the stock markets down due to investors' fears. The International Monetary Fund and European countries announced a 110 billion euro 3-year bail-out package for Greece. Gold shoots up to beyond US$1,200 per troy ounce. The euro drops to a low, due to fears about the strength (or rather the lack of it) in the Eurozone. On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average mysteriously fell by almost 1000 points within minutes, causing panic in the markets. Some say it is due to concerns about Greece, some say a 'fat fingered' trader carele