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Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

Hi all, How's it going? Here are some latest updates on inflation. Let's start with Singapore. According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, inflation ( as measured by the Consumer Price Index , or CPI in short) in 2009 was 0.6%. That's lower than what most expected, given that it was about 6.6% in 2008 (Reference: ) With the latest data, the following average inflation rates for the various periods can be calculated. I've done some work for you and here are the results: Period Average Annual Inflation (%) 40 yr 2.95 30 yr 2.13 20 yr 1.74 15 yr 1.43 10 yr 1.35 5 yr 2.16 As you can see, Singapore's average inflation rates are pretty low, hovering around 2 - 3%. The last 5 years had been relatively higher, at 2.16% A look at the longer term trend (the 40-year period) shows that inflation is close to 3%

Time for Prosperity and Wealth

First of all, "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to all Chinese readers! Chinese New Year is a time where greetings of wealth and prosperity is heard all over. And how aptly so, expecially in this Year of the Tiger. Why? A few weeks back, the stock market has taken a slight tumble on news that banks in China may be tightening its purses. Commodity prices have also fell. (I'm following the gold and silver prices day in, day out.) Well, seems like the markets may be presenting a good chance for us to enter, right? Yes, and no. Yes because it's always good to buy things, especially investments, at a lower price. No because it is not necessary. First of all, I wish to announce that I am not saying that this is the lowest price and that it is the 'perfect' time to buy in. I do not claim to be a guru of investing or an expert in timing the markets. I go for long term investing and I do not speculate on short term trends. Last week, during a business appointment, my clie