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Buffett's is 'best' US company

Came across this article 5 minutes ago and thought I'll share it with you guys. Though it is a short and brief article, I wish to highlight 2 important points. 1. Warren Buffett, though super rich, is a frugal person. How many people we know try to spend lavishly on lots of material things just to 'look rich', but in fact if you take a closer look at their bank account, they're really BROKE! 2. Warren Buffett is good at investing! Damn good! How? Firstly he believes in value investing. Instead of trying to go after the next 'hot tip' (be it on stocks or even football!), he knows the difference between value and price. Many people only see the price, and it is the most misleading thing to look at! Prices of stock changes EVERY SINGLE DAY! But NOT! So we must all learn how to judge value, like Mr Buffett. 3. (actually a continuation of the above point) Warren Buffett believes in LONG TERM INVESTING. His favorite holding period is 'forever!' (Yes, he