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No Marriage, No House, No Money

Young couples intending to buy a HDB flat, beware! It might be worth considering timing your marriage and house purchase properly. According to a Yahoo! News report, John broke up with his fiancee after applying for a flat, and got slapped with a 20% penalty amounting to $132,000 (And no, he don't get to keep his house as he's not married and thus not qualified to buy a DBSS unit). Read more here:  Yahoo! News - Wedding’s off, now here’s your $132k bill

5 Problems With Not Having a Will

You probably already know by now that when a person dies without a valid Will (intestate), his assets (estate) will be distributed in accordance to a law known as the Intestate Succession Act. But do you know that writing a Will is not only to decide where and to whom your estate go to? Having a properly drafted Will can help in ensuring that your family are not inconvenienced by your death, and minimize any potential in- fighting, lawsuits, and other factors that may break up a family or sink them into financial difficulties. Let's take a look at some little-known implications of intestacy.

10 Books You Must Read to Improve Your Financial IQ

Your greatest asset is your mind. So invest in it by reading books that increases your financial IQ! Here's my top 10 recommended books that everyone who is serious about their financial freedom must read. If you wish to purchase any of the books, simply click on the images. It will bring you to the Amazon website whereby I will receive a small commission on every purchase. Happy reading! Number 10 - The Wealthy Barber Author: David Chilton Financial lessons that can help you get rich... slowly. Told in a form of an entertaining story, with the help of a fictional barber.