Going After What You Really Want - T. Harv Eker

(Abstract from T. Harv Eker's Blog - Going After What You Really Want)

The purpose for having money is pretty well the most important element in having money. Everyone I know who has become rich did so for a reason as if they needed to become rich. Most of them don’t live all that happily because they needed to become rich in order to prove that they’re okay, or responding to some programming other than an intention that moved them from their inner core.

So go for whatever you want. In the end, we’re all going for the same thing. What we’re really seeking is the feeling that the objects of our wants will bring. A new house can give us a sense of comfort. A new car can heighten a feeling of importance. Travel and toys can invoke excitement and stave off boredom. Launching the business dream job can satisfy our need to achieve and be recognized.

But we need to be real careful about what it is we want. Sometimes people keep wanting things and getting them, only to find out they didn’t really want it, or get bored real fast (which is usually the case), only to want more and guess what? Those wants keep piling up, and pretty soon you’re wanting something so badly that you’re looking at the future as if that’s the place where your happiness will reside. That’s the desire trap.

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